6 Reasons Why Eggs Cannot Make You Gain Weight

Do you eat eggs every day? That’s good, continue with it. Many websites, dietitians and different people claimed in the past that eating eggs every day is unhealthy for you and there are a variety of reasons given −one of them is weight gain. Well, this is not the case, eating eggs actually have many benefits that will not make you gain weight.

Rich in Omega 3 fatty acids

Omega 3 is a nutrient that is very essential to our normal functioning of the body. The Omega 3 present in eggs is good for you because it enhances brain functioning and this helps with improving memory, repairs joints, and is food for the brain.

High in protein

Eggs are rich in protein which creates a feeling of satiety for a long time before cravings begin. Therefore, for those looking to lose weight, it can be beneficial to add 1 or 2 boiled eggs to your daily diet.

Full of vitamins

Eggs are rich in Vitamin A, which is excellent for your eyesight.  Eggs also contain Vitamin B2 which is good for boosting energy levels, Vitamin B12 helps in repopulating and maintaining the red blood cells and this prevents diseases like anemia. Vitamin E in eggs helps in fighting free radicals in the body therefore promoting the development and maintaining of healthy cells in the body.

Has good cholesterol

Contrary to popular belief, research has debunked the myth that eggs increase the risk of heart attacks. The cholesterol present in egg yolks is good for you since it helps reduce the “bad” cholesterol, that develop as a result of consuming unhealthy fat from processed food items. This good cholesterol has benefits in balancing blood cholesterol and this helps with maintaining a healthy heart and body.

Excellent as a pre-workout/post-work out meal

Eggs contain essential amino acids that stimulate the skeletal muscles and this is effective especially if you love working out. These amino acids help stimulate the body function and also burns excess fat after working out. This gives your body room to repair itself by building muscles long after working out.

Helps in the building and strengthening of bones

Building of bones in young children and the strengthening of bones in adults is essential and eggs are rich in Vitamin D and Calcium, this contributes in preventing osteoporosis in adults and rickets in young children.

Note: Always choose free range eggs/ organic eggs to fully enjoy the benefits and also maintain your weight or boost weight loss. All the best!

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