Afro-Logue With Young Powerful Supermodel Celai West

We are honored to have a growing list of African women and men (via Man-Alogue) who have supported us by continuously sharing with us about their inspirational lives. As an organic skincare company based in Africa, we believe that beauty is what comes out from inside you. This is why we share deep and inspirational messages from fellow men and women of African origin as a means to say that humanity is beautiful in all tones and shapes. This month, we have a beautiful young, yet powerful supermodel by the name Celai West. Be inspired.

As you read through her inspiring words, please follow her on Instagram as @celaiwest and her YoutubeChannel.

Celai Afrologue LheritierShare with us about you, and what you do

My name is Celai West and I’m 9 years old. I do modeling, runway and acting. 

We have watched some of the videos showcasing runway walks that you have done so far, Celai, as a young girl what fuels your wonderful self-confidence?

Well, right before I walk, I make sure I’m nice and calm…and then I tell myself to have confidence in myself. I don’t like to think of anything negative. Only good things. 

Celai, please share with us your self-care and wellness routine: How do you power-down after a long week of working; how do you balance school and work? 

In my spare time, I like to be a regular kid. I like to watch YouTube videos and hang out in my onsie pajamas all day on weekends. If I’m not working, I’m usually at home or visiting my aunt and grandma. During the week, Iake sure I get all of my school work done because I want to stay on Honor Roll. 

 Your hair is just beautiful and we are sure some adults would be keen to learn a thing or two about how youtake care if it, please share some of your wonderful hair routines?

Let’s see. So my mom is really good when it comes to taking care of my hair. We wash about every 2 weeks and she blows it out to stretch it. That way I don’t have too much breakage from tangles. It also makes it fluffy and bouncy. We also do more updos and wear headwraps more often when it gets cooler out to protect my hair. 

Celai West Lheritier 1789 AfrologueThese days there are brands that market to the younger members of the population (like us), would you care to comment on your observation on natural products?

Well, I really like using natural hair products because they are better than some of the things we see in the store and they areade specially for my kind of hair. I like the hair products for adults but the hair products for kids usually smell better and look prettier….but I’m not sure if they work better. 😂

Share with us more on how you plan to make a difference in this world?

I want to make a difference in this world by helping little brown girls to feel beautiful and love their skin and hair. Then I want to make a difference by inspiring people to dream big and work hard to get there, and to always be kind to other people. 

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