Clean Up Your Gut And Brighten Your Skin With Spirulina


Spirulina is among the oldest life forms on earth, having been in existence for billions of years.

Spirulina is a spiral blue-green spiral shaped microalgae that grows in water. You have probably seen it in ponds. It’s harvested and dried up to a form that is safe for human consumption.

You can add Spirulina into your daily life. Some of the ways of consuming this green-goodness is by taking capsules, cooking with the powder, adding the powder to your favorite smoothies, and other creative ways you see fit.


Spirulina is a nutritional wonder. It contains all essential and nonessential amino acids, which are necessary building blocks for your body. It contains all the B vitamins, vitamin B-12 included. It’s wealth of nutrients led to its popularity in the late seventies after being by NASA’s astronauts in their space programs in the late seventies.


Though not as harmful as it sounds, an imbalance of micro flora in your gut or vagina can lead to a number of diseases. Spirulina is an anti-microbial agent that eliminates candida, inhibits its growth and promotes the growth of healthy bacteria.


The blue-green pigment, phycocyanin is rich which is shown to combat free radicals in our bodies and preventing inflammatory molecules. This results in an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect. Coupled with its wealth of vitamins K, C, E and A, regular spirulina intake is a guarantee for healthy and glowing skin.


Whether you are dealing with the effects of a binge diet or trying to flush out poisons from your system in the form of alcohol or drugs, spirulina is here to the rescue. It contains chlorophyll, which is a powerful and effective substance in detoxifying your liver and blood. This can be used as an excellent hangover cure.

These are just some of the benefits of spirulina. The list goes on from:

Spirulina comes in a powdered form and consumed as a capsule or mixed into a drink or food our favorite brand is Tiwani Spirulina. Grown in Tiwani, Kenya, extracted from Lake Natron and can be found at Fava Herb store online and in shop in Nairobi.

Below is a great juice that is super and will guarantee to detoxify your body and reward your skin.



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