Jam Five Ways With Organic Jam

Jam has a it’s place in culinary history dating back to the ancient Roman times. It is a convenient
and clever way to make use of the excess fruits after harvest, acting as a fruit preserve.
Depending on the fruits used, one can get a load of nutrients from it, getting both a sweet treat
and some nutritional nourishment. Conventionally jam is used as a spread for breads and
occasionally in cakes and tarts, of which you can only have so much.
Here are some creative ways to switch up the use of jam and add it to your regular recipes.
Make it into a salad dressing
Sweet and sour flavours are all the rage. Mix jam into your regular oil, vinegar and spice salad
dressing, to make a sweet and sour salad dressing.
Add to pancake batter
A fun way to add fruit to your pancake batter is adding jam to your batter. Just remember to skip
the sugar in your recipe.
Switch up your cocktails
How about replacing your honey and orange bitters in your old-fashioned with marmalade.
Barbecue glaze
For the fans of sweet and sour flavours, turn your regular barbecue glaze into a fruity delight buy
adding some jam to your barbecue sauce.
Flavour up protein shakes and smoothies
Add jam to your bland smoothie and instantly get a load of flavour. This would well add exoctic or out of season fruit to your drink saving you the expense. It’s important to note to cut sugar from the recipe since it’s already sweet.

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