Valmont Launches its First Perfume Collection

Beauty has been a mainstay for Valmont for more than 30 years and today, Valmont has launched two perfume collections.

Valmont, a is Swiss skincare house run by Sophie Guillon. Valmont’s skincare products are being bought out by some of the largest palaces around the world and also by privileged clientele.

Sophie Vann-Guillon, the CEO and Founder of Valmont has chosen to create her own line of perfumes. This, endeavor for Sophie, is a return to the basics as she first started out in the business of fragrance before venturing into skincare.

“It’s a return to my first love. I started out in perfume…I started out with designer perfumes at Balmain…at Oscar de la Renta.. at Yves Saint Laurent. Today, I wanted to combine the creativity that I put into the Valmont brand with perfume.”

For this global launch, Sophie Guillon offered a viewing to her most loyal customers, guests of honor, and influencers from around the world. The designer wanted to offer an olfactory adventure to her guests by structuring the event around the olfactory ranges.

The Palazzo Nobile fragrance is very crystal clear, bright, and so, it fits the Pallazzo eau de toilette range.

The Collezzione Privata is Sophie Guillon’s private collection of eau de parfum. The designer prefers to have a central flower in her composition.

Credit: Valmont
Credit: Valmont

The Casanova 2161 is a fragrance designed to be shared between men and women.

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