McLaren Delivers Their New 765 LT -Their Most Powerful McLaren Super Series

The 765 LT is the latest sporty derivative of the 720 S. Compared to the latter, the new McLaren super-car pushes the limits even further. With 45 horsepower more and 80 kilos less.

At 1339 kilos on the scale, the 765LT uses carbon fiber in abundance. The weight-saving also applies to the titanium exhaust system, the poly-carbonate glazing, and the ultra-light 10-spoke alloy forged rims. The Pirelli P-0 tyres allow for perfect handling.

The carbo-ceramic discs and breaks borrowed from the McLaren Senna are also of note. The intergrated cooling ducts are inspired by Formula-1. Inside, carbon fiber dominates with the buckets seats and center console.

As for the engine, the V-8, 4.0 bi-turbo of the 765 LT develops 765 horspower. Torque level is at 800-Newton-meters. The transmission of the 765 LT model has been improved with 15% faster gear changers.

On the performance side, 0-to-100 K/H is announced at 2.8 seconds, which is 0.1 seconds less than the 720S. For 0-to-200 K/H it is at 7.2 seconds or 0.4 seconds less than the 720S. This makes the 765LT be the best performing McLaren super-series model.

Only 765 cars will leave the workshop.

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