Madrigal House in Valencia, Spain Stands Out at First Glance

Madrigal House was imagined and built like a microcosm by the famous architectural studio known as Ramone Esteve Estudio.

The house is located in Valencia, Spain and it stands out with sumptuous, natural stone walls. At the residence, everything is about horizontal lines as the property was built like an enclosure containing intimate rooms.

Credit: Ramon Esteve Estudio

The Madrigal House is on one level and looks like a set of boxes, with each box containing spaces and is arranged in such a way as to best capture the light of the sun and the views of nature.

All the boxes at the residence are sown together between to horizontal platforms that surround the entire space and which, accommodate a beautiful terrace and a pretty swimming pool which gives the air of a small lake.

The fascinating things is that the arrangement of these boxes between concrete slabs creates intermediate spaces which sew the volumes together and accommodate the common areas of the house.

Credit: Ramon Esteve Estudio

The interior spaces which extend outside point to framed views of the garden surrounding the house. This also allows for cross-views. Different heights within the house bring rhythm to the hall. The natural stone walls which are first seen from the outside are also found inside the house. Other materials in their raw form such as concrete and wood also gives a neat, natural feel.

The tones are clear in most cases except the kitchen, which is dressed in very dark wood to accentuate the contrast with the rest of the rest of the rooms. Natural lights invades the entire residence leaving each room with close to zero dark area. However, this luminosity can be filtered using wooden panel blinders which can add a nice play of shade and light.

Credit: Ramon Esteve Estudio

The exterior lighting is cleverly placed and is very soft so that the beauty of the architecture of the Madrigal house can be perfectly highlighted at night as well.

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