Experience GOBI Cashmere, Made of Fibre of Nobility and Rich in Character.

The famous Mongolian Cashmere brand, House of Gobi is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Cashmere, is a natural fiber that grows on the coats of goats. Typically, the quality of cashmere is determined by the level of microns, the higher the level, the higher the quality. The levels of microns also give a tale on the living conditions in which a goat has been exposed to.

Credit: GOBI Cashmere

When temperatures drop in Mongolia, the goats develop a thin layer of fluffy fibers, cashmere, as a means to survive in the sub-zero temperatures that often hit Mongolia during the cold seasons. The colder it is, the thicker the coat is so that the goats are insulated during strong winds.

Credit: GOBI Cashmere

The cashmere fibers are then collected by combing the animal by hand during the spring months. The natural colors of Mongolian goats that roam freely are white, beige, warm grey, and brown.

GOBI specializes in designs for men, women, and kids. Knitwear has been a mainstay of the brand for quite some time. Soft colored coats, accessories, pants, sweaters, and scarves are some of the styles that the famous Mongolian Fashion House is known for.

Credit: GOBI Cashmere

GOBI aims to service clients from all corners of the world. Online sales have become a key part of the operations of this business that is based in Ulan Bator, therefore, Mongolia is just a click away!

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