At Maison Degand The Art Of Living Comes Alive In Every Corner Of The House

Maison Degand is an exceptional house in ever sense of the word. Exceptional, on the one hand, in terms of the architecture of this mansion at 415 Avenue Louise, in which are scattered works of art that express the life of materials. It is also exceptional as regards its customers because the Degand House dresses the King of Belgium, Princes, and Dukes.

The tailor of Maison Degand has been a supplier to the Belgian Court officially since 2001. The Degand also supplies the court of Netherlands with the most elegant fabrics.

Credit: Maison Degand

The Degand House offers a theme of luxury in discretion because this house is not ostentatious as it puts quality above all.

I was very lucky in life again…because I had a few good clients who came and trusted me…who got to know me to really understand me and vice versa.

Pierre Degand, Founder.

Now completely renovated, the mansion is splendid and offers a veritable luxury setting in which the brand exhibits clothes borne for master of leadership.

Credit: Maison Degand

Between a sumptuous glass roof, parquet, marble inlay, gold leaf guilding, and design of tiles on the roof included gives the Maison Degand all its glory.

The setting of the Maison Degand alone is enough for a visit at a house that makes you want to stay or even pick one little expensive item of fashion. Champagne and snacks are served in honor of the house. One can take a seat on the veranda overlooking the garden as the contemplate on what piece to buy.

The know-how of excellence in whatever the field of clothing is the common thread that guides this den of men’s clothing. Maison Degand offers a variety of business and casual styles to suit any occasion of the typical debonaire man that walks through its doors.

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