Will.i.am releases a face mask with bluetooth headphones because why not?

Xupermask, a futuristic new mask designed by will.i.am comes out this Thursday, April 8. This concept which combines an intelligent mask with integrated bluetooth headphones allows the wearer to make calls and listen to music. Its price: US$299 (approximately S$400).

This mask will at the very least bestow you with a touch of class. Straight out of a science fiction movie, the ultra-connected accessory was designed by will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas and Honeywell. The company believes that even after the pandemic, there will be a future for masks.

will.i.am Unveils Xupermask With Bluetooth and LED Glow Lights -  autoevolution

Xupermask is composed of HEPA filters that ensure that the air inhaled is as clean as possible. It also comes with Bluetooth headphones and LED lights that glow in the dark. This superhero-like design is the work of Jose Fernandez, a costume designer who designed the SpaceX suits and came up with the costumes and masks for movies like “Spiderman,” “Tron” and “Black Panther.”

“I think people will continue to wear masks and [if] masks like the Xupermask have other functionality, I think you’re going to [be] giving people an option,” will.i.am told CNBC’s Jim Kramer. An assumption that is difficult to contradict. Pandemic-related health measures are likely to be required for some time, so why not choose a futuristic, fashion-forward model when it comes to a face mask?

This model will come with filter refills for three months of filter, after which more will have to be purchased. Will.i.am is betting big on this design because he believes that the mask can become a fashion accessory. Like a hat or glasses, a high-tech mask could become a must-have in a stylish wardrobe.

Of course, it’s a luxury item with the price of US$299. In any case, the first intelligent masks that will allow us to breathe cleaner air are very welcome. And could represent a new market segment that could well take off.

This article was published via AFP Relaxnews.

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