Hermès H24 — A New Dimension In Fragrance For Men.

Scent is our most powerful and evocative sense. Just like a well-fitted, buttery leather jacket or bold clutch, our personal style can be defined by our signature spritz. Paving the way with its brand new fragrance for men, H24, Hermès has curated a scent that has gone well beyond the lines of convention, and is the first fragrance crafted by extraordinary Christine Nagel (Director of Hermès’ Olfactory Creation) to express the contemporary man. This French luxury pioneer understands that the right scent can exude sophistication.

An amalgamation of nature and technology, H24 is an olfactory expression of the modern man in motion. Agile. Vibrant. Perfectly in symbiosis with his environment. The formula is intentionally short and incisive, with Nagel gravitating towards natural, classic and raw materials as her muse. Forget woody scents, H24 follows a far less predictable path, each molecule meticulously interwoven with ingredients that are bespoke and exist within its own right.

Think: formal simplicity. H24 delivers an alternative aromatic note enriched with sharp edges — vibrant, sensual and luminous. A reinvented signature with just the right note of casual ease, to ignite men’s style without ever confining it to just one dimension. An enveloping sage, an electric narcissus, an invigorating rosewood and a warm, metallic note of sclarene make up this composition of the future.

Philippe Mouquet, the same expert hands behind the design of Terre d’Hermès, has continued to impress with his refillable flint glass flacon, embellished with aluminium and Hermès signature, engraved branding. Honouring its commitment to sustainability and striving to reduce its environment impact, each bottle has been crafted from recycled glass and its grey and lime green packaging is also completely recyclable.

If you’ve been searching for a scent that takes you on a journey, from the first drop on your skin to that second repurchase, H24 is a fragrance that truly lies beyond the lines.

All images courtesy of Hermes. This story was first published on Lifestyle Asia HK.

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