The 6 Best Candles to Buy This Season

Ooh, we’re digging the breeze. The pastel sunsets. The beauty of walking out of an office building and not being absurdly, immediately, utterly drenched in sweat. Is it too soon to cheer on this splendid weather? We certainly don’t think so — and we’re marking the occasion by lighting a candle or two to welcome this new season.


A set of 4 votive candles (HK$670)

Released as part of their festive collection, step into Penhaligon’s fragrance factory where candles flicker in fours.

The set includes 35g candles with earthly, blissful scents that include Maduro Leaf, Comoros Pearl, Anbar Stone and Roanoke Ivy.


Casanova (HK$380) 

Founded by a local mother-and-daughter duo, WOODCO features hand poured, small batch coconut wax candles. They’ve been making a name for themselves with various collaborations since their launch.

Their fall series sees scents that are toasty, spicy and warm; excellent for night time rituals.


Candlestick shaped candle, various scents (HK$900)

Nothing says “best dinner host” like having a centrepiece with candles shaped like… well, candlesticks.

For the Spanish luxury fashion house’s first-ever homeware collection, they’ve snared our favourite, most nostalgic garden bouquets to complement any dinner setting. Scents include Tomato Leaves, Juniper Berry, Coriander and even Liquorice.


The Ritual of Sakura (HK$225)

Oh, boy, do we have a soft spot for anything cherry blossom-themed. The Ritual of Sakura home collection also includes fragrance sticks and refills, with their new packaging being more sustainable and easier to recycle.

For us, the delicate marriage of blossoms and rice milk is the ultimate fragrance for a chilly afternoon.

Boy Smells

Cedar Stack (HK$330)

Eco-friendly and cruelty-free brand Boy Smells is here to refresh your home essentials with a ‘genderful’ attitude.

Cedar Stack, their best-selling scent, carries notes of cedar chips and dried tobacco, interwoven with notes of peppercorn and dried ginger — close your eyes, and you could almost imagine yourself in a dreamy cabin far, far away.


Vase Candle: BeCandle x The Grey Green (HK$2,500)

For the realists of the world; the practical minds with a keen aesthetic; the worldly, passionate souls who seek something a little other.

This stainless steel vessel showcases two sides, literally and figuratively. You’ll be able to choose from two types of fragrances — The Foggy Dew, an iris and cardamom concoction, or After Rain, a lighter raspberry and basil mix. Perfect for gifting, or as a dramatic focal point in the apartment.

This article first appeared on Prestige

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