Chanel’s Sublimage La Crème Corps et Décolleté is a sensuous ode to skincare

What could be a better symphony for the skin than the extension of Chanel’s holistic Sublimage line to the body? 

It started in 1927 when Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel manifested her desire to preserve the beauty of one’s skin, believing that style should be defined as a whole: from clothing to perfume, from accessories to skincare. The body care line, then, was introduced as a vision to allow every woman to transcend time. With style, of course.

Madagascan Vanilla Planifolia

Sublimage is the quintessence of Chanel’s cumulative efforts to embody a holistic view of both women and skincare, driven by the core active ingredients derived from Vanilla Planifolia in Madagascar.  

This botanical jewel can only be harvested in October and November, when the process begins by steeping dried flowers in a bath of plant-based oil, essential for protecting the skin from oxidative stress. In May, a delicate processis used to extract the Éphémères from the immature fruit. Finally, from June to August, the fruit matures; allowing the hydrodistillation process to begin, and enabling the team to obtain intense vanilla water, a core ingredient used to combat free radicals and preventing the degradation of collagen. 

It’s a diligent, dizzying dance across the seasons; a colossal effort to cultivate the definitive element for Sublimage. What has been perfected results in a body cream whose texture is transformative to the skin; rich and enveloping to the touch, yet wholly absorbent and nourishing. La Crème Corps et Décolleté embodies polarising lightness with a highly concentrated blend of natural butters and oil, highlighted with micropearls to brighten the skin. 

For skincare devotees more concerned about their visage, cast your eyes towards Sublimage Le Baume, the original revitalising and soothing balm of the series. Carefully formulated in a buttery, lightweight texture to melt elegantly into the skin, even the driest skin will look and feel transformed; softness and radiance restored. 

It’s a transformative experience for the skin to witness. And, most of all, a humbling homage to the spirit of Mademoiselle Chanel herself.  

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