Sky Cruise: The Flying Hotel That Can Carry 5000 Passengers And Will ‘Never Land’


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Avideo of a giant aircraft powered by nuclear engines, comprising state-of-the-art infrastructure and amenities has been released on YouTube. This Sky Cruise is supposedly one ‘that never lands’ while cruising above the clouds without any pilots. It is not a futuristic airliner straight out of a sci-fi film but will soon exist in reality.

Based on a design concept by Tony Holmsten which is reimagined and animated by Hashem Al-Ghali, the detailed CGI video was released by Hashem himself, laying out all the features and components of this air hotel. Merging the concept of a hotel and an air cruiser, wrapped in high-end luxury, the Sky Cruise is a holiday destination which is absolutely out of the world, quite literally.

Here’s what we know about the Sky Cruise

Features and infrastructure

Personifying grandeur in every aspect, this giant Sky Cruise has the capacity to accommodate 5000 guests. According to the video by Al-Ghaili, the airborne flying hotel features amenities like a huge panoramic 360-degree viewing hall, offering the most stunning views of the surroundings from a bird’s point of view. Also, the entertainment deck below has everything one can possibly think of.

Sky Cruiser
Image: Courtesy Hashem Al-Ghaili/ Youtube screengrab

From a plethora of activities to shopping malls, restaurants, swimming pools, movie theatres, bars and a children’s playground, it is a one-stop destination for all recreational activities. You can take your business to new heights by organising meetings and events inside this Sky Cruise.

For those looking for a unique wedding venue, the Sky Cruise offers the most breathtaking wedding hall with never-seen-before views and settings. Just that it is not for the faint-hearted.

The floors of the entertainment deck are connected via an external elevator. Yes, the elevator runs outside the aircraft’s body, offering jaw-dropping scenes. There are also three balconies or viewing domes, perfect for stargazing or even witnessing the mesmerising Aurora Borealis up close.

For those feeling dizzy with the height in view, the Sky Cruise also has world-class medical features, helping you stay fit and healthy.

However, no production or launch date has been announced yet.

How to board the Sky Cruise, who pilots it and other technicalities

Sky Cruise nuclear hotel
Image: Courtesy Hashem Al-Ghaili/ Youtube screengrab

Considering that this mammoth Sky Cruise would never land and keep flying for years, the question is how can one board it? Hashem says that all boarding and deboarding can be done via electronic flights taking off from different airports across the world, and bringing travellers to this flying hotel.

According to The Sun, when asked about pilots Hashem said, “All this technology and you still want pilots? I believe it will be fully autonomous.” But that doesn’t mean it will not have any staff. A large number of people will be required to serve the guests on board and run the amenities.

The Sky Cruise will be powered by 20 nuclear engines working on nuclear fusion. The resultant reaction will provide energy 24/7, and the aircraft will not have to land. This will not affect the environment adversely, and won’t have an enormous carbon footprint. In fact, all the repair work and maintenance will also be carried out in the air.

Hashem Al-Ghaili’s design video answers doubts about air turbulence as well. The strong AI will detect all kinds of air turbulence minutes in advance, and send counter vibrations to help the Sky Cruise navigate without any motion disturbance.

Reactions to the Sky Cruise

Despite sounding absolutely majestic there are several concerns regarding the Sky Cruise. While many have termed it the ‘new Titanic,’ people are sceptical that if a nuclear vehicle of such a stature ever crashes, it will destroy an entire city. Also, the extensive capital investment is going to be humongous. People are worried about the overwhelmingly huge cost of tickets too, and believe that it is only for the affluent class.

(Main and featured image: Courtesy Hashem Al-Ghaili/ Youtube screengrab)

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