Sniff These Strands: 10 Fragrances Engineered Specifically For Your Hair

BY JOEY WONG For Prestige Online Where Article First Appeared

They might be marketed as hair mist, as hair perfume, as hair fragrances, as just eau de parfum but under the purview of a once haircare-only brand, which insinuates what it insinuates.

But you know what’s a much more effective sashay-away move than a cheeky hair-flick goodbye? A cheeky hair-flick goodbye that smells incredible; that leaves whoever it is you’re sauntering away from in a dazed state of shell shock. Luckily for those of us that spend precious minutes of their day daydreaming about impossible, absurd scenarios as such, the beauty industry is genius at diversifying their portfolio. So, say hello to perfumes, but, specifically, for your hair.

“But I can just spritz my regular rest-of-body perfume onto my hair, can’t I,” you might be thinking.

And yes, you absolutely can. Some of the following are, in fact, simply fragrances haircare labels making moves into the lifestyle space have come out with. (Looking at you, Oribe!) But hair fragrances are generally made with a lower alcohol content, so your strands don’t get brittle and dry in the process of becoming so lovely to smell. Even better, they’re usually infused with ingredients that nourish and protect — like oils and vitamins — so your strands can soak in some TLC in the meantime, too.

“Your Hair Smells Great, What Is It?”

Penhaligon’s Luna Hair Perfume

Penhaligon’s Luna already existed as an eau de toilette, but this hair perfume — still scented softly with bergamot oil and lemon primofiore — sparkles with an addition of argon oil and vitamin E. So your strands can really shine (and smell) at its brightest under moonlight.

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Oribe’s Fragrances

Oribe-heads will know: the scent of the haircare brand’s products is one immediately recognisable. And if you’re one of those people pestering the brand about bottling it up as an EdP, you’d be pleased to meet Oribe’s Côte d’Azur, the signature scent encased, now, behind glass and as a deserving mascot of the brand’s official departure from haircare-only territory.

Also within the brand-new trio of scents is Valley of Flowers, replete with Bulgarian rose and peony, and Desertland, landing on desert florals and Texas cedarwood.

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Kérastase’s Chronologiste Huile de Parfum

Kerastase’s hair perfume is an huile (oil), too, so it’s not just a pretty face. Scented with tea rose and infused with a cocktail of precious oils including amla, maize, camelia and argan, this clever multi-use product leaves behind tresses that’s deliciously soft, nourished and shiny. And smelling great.

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Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl Eau de Parfum Hair Mist

Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl fragrance is housed, typically, in a midnight blue heel, which makes its frosty baby blue hair mist counterpart a must-get if you care about collecting all the colours of CH stilettos. It smells like jasmine and cocoa.

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Diptyque’s Hair Mists

The last I checked, Diptyque has five hair mists within their catalogue with all containing camellia oil to nourish and soften. Pick your favourite from Diptyque’s signatures: Ilio, Eau Rose, Eau Des Sens, Do Son and Eau Capitale.Get it here

Dior’s Hair Mists

Dior’s Miss Dior, Miss Dior Rose N’Roses and J’adore all have their own hair mist equivalents, which will make scent-matching from top-to-toe all that much easier.Get it here

Jo Malone’s Hair Mists

Jo Malone’s Velvet Rose & Oud hair mist is the only on the list whose counterpart is categorised as a cologne; boys need hair perfume, too! Otherwise, the brand’s English Pear & Freesia and Wild Bluebell perfumes also take form as hair mists concocted, again, with argan oil and pro vitamin B for that shiny, softening factor.

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Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s Scented Hair Mists

Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s hair mists — scented with MFK’s Baccarat Rouge 540, Oud, À La Rose and Amyris Femme — are completely alcohol-free. The brand even have gift sets that combine the hair mists with their corresponding eau de parfum — just in case you’re that person that needs to be matchy-matchy.

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MOROCCANOIL’s Brumes Du Maroc Fragrance Mist

Brumes du Maroc is a “Hair And Body Mist”, so feel free to spritz well beyond the ends of your trim if you so desire. Much like Oribe’s Côte d’Azur, Brumes du Maroc is MOROCCANOIL’s trademark scent and engineered with the usual suspects — see: antioxidant-rich argan oil and vitamin E — and something much cooler: UV absorber technology. Don’t forget to use sunscreen, though.Get it here

Ouai’s Eau de Parfums

Just like Oribe’s lifestyle line-up, Ouai’s eau de parfums were born from the haircare brand’s beloved scents that traced through every haircare product. The EdPs (and scented candles) that came after are fan service at its finest.

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