Afro-Logue With Super Famous Patricia Kihoro

patricia-kihoro-lheritier-skincareWhat is Afro-Logue by Lheritier Skincare?

This segment in our blog is dedicated to inspirational women from all walks of life. As a skincare brand that is dedicated to bringing out natural products to Africa, we at Lheritier Skincare Limited,  wish to capture stories and weave them together to provide you with a go-to platform on hair, beauty, style, and business. Malcom X once asked  a question to Melanated Queens, this question still  echoes to date: Who taught you to hate yourself. Nothing is absolutely wrong with your amazingly beautiful African hair. Nothing is absolutely wrong with the tone of your skin (whether dark or light). You are the universe expressing itself as an awesomely endowed black queen. We will continue to provide a platform for discussion on all these great stuff that make you, YOU.

Meet Patricia Kihoro

patricia-kihoro-lheritier-skincare-kenyaHow long have you been natural

 I have been natural on and off since I was 9 years old when I did my first Big Chop. However, the last time I had my hair relaxed was about 2 and a half years ago, and I big chopped again in March of 2014.

What do you do for a living and how has your natural hair impacted (positively/negatively) those around you?

I sing, act, host a radio show and do some social media work for a living. My natural hair, I would say has encouraged folks to also try it out, and to feel a little bit more confident about wearing their hair natural. My short crop, especially has really inspired a lot of ladies to follow suit, which for me is great because it just means a lot of ladies have felt emboldened to try something they wouldn’t otherwise have thought to try.

Who inspired you to go natural?

Nobody, to be honest. Going natural for me has never been inspired by anyone. It’s been more of situations that led me to cut off my hair and go natural. Mostly, the search of convenience. My recent big chop was really just because I was trying to avoid helmet hair after I got my scooter.

Tell us about your hair and a fun fact that makes it special to youpatricia-kihoro-lheritier-skincare-blog

My hair and I are like a very independent couple that loves each other dearly but is not too clingy. It’s a very low maintenance relationship where we know exactly what the other needs, without making too much of a fuss. When I need it to grow, it grows, and when I need to make a spontaneous decision about a style I’d like to try out, it usually complies. 

How do you take care of it in the day, and what is your night time routine?

3 things. First, water for moisture. Then a spray of my mix of rose water, glycerine and  curling gel (I made a mix which requires a single application.) Finally, either shea butter, or coconut oil depending on my mood.

Do you have a preferred style?

Right now, my short, tapered cut, with some embellishments on the side. Super convenient.

How do you incorporate fashion with your natural hair?

I just wear what I like, what’s comfortable, what makes me feel sexy and what I can wear on my scooter. My hair doesn’t really play a big part in what I wear. Every once in a while I’ll tie a head wrap, to feel a little more regal, or I’ll wear a big, curly, voluminous, crotchet wig that I made myself. To change things up every once in a while.

patricia-kihoro-lheritier-kenyaTell us the 3 things that work for you in terms of length retention

Length retention at the moment is not a priority for me. I visit the barber at least once a month for a shave.

Educate: Tell them why natural hair and healthy living is good

I think being natural makes you more aware of what goes into and onto your body, and that’s always a good thing. There are so many harmful substances in everyday products nowadays that we unknowingly harm ourselves with. Being natural has made me more aware of what’s good for me, where to find it and how to incorporate it into my life, and on the plus side,  it’s made me quite the DIYer.

Tell us why the future should watch out for you (what are your ambitions in life?)

This is always a difficult one. I know I want to be great, to keep growing and evolving and to keep expressing myself in a manner that tells amazing stories about Kenya and Africa, be it through all the things I’m passionate about: music, acting, writing, taking pictures and my radio show, Afrocentral.


We are looking for inspirational women like Patricia to share stories with us. You can be bald or have 40″ hair, as long as it is natural, and you have something good going on please contact us. We will be glad to feature you so send an email to:

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