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What is Afro-Logue by Lheritier Skincare?

We are introducing a new segment in our blog dedicated to inspirational women from all walks of life. As a skincare brand that is dedicated to bringing out natural products to Africa, we at Lheritier Skincare Limited,  wish to capture stories and weave them together to provide you with a go-to platform on hair, beauty, style, and business. Malcom X once asked  a question to Melanated Queens, this question still  echoes to date: Who taught you to hate yourself. Nothing is absolutely wrong with your amazingly beautiful African hair. Nothing is absolutely wrong with the tone of your skin (whether dark or light). You are the universe expressing itself as an awesomely endowed black queen. We will continue to provide a platform for discussion on all these great stuff that make you, YOU.

Meet Olive Wangai

Lheritier_Skincare_Afrologue_KenyaWe were super honored to meet a young vivacious femme-trepreneure by the name of Olive Wangai.  She is on Instagram as @Murugi_Wangai.

How long have you been natural?

I had previously been caught between the on-and-off management of natural hair. I can now say that since 2013 I have stayed a naturalista. 

What do you do for a living and how has your natural hair impacted (positively/negatively) those around you

I am a student, jewelry, and fashion designer. At first when I went natural and preferred a style like the signature Mandela cut, no one ever noticed and this was not a problem to me in anyway. However, when Lupita Nyongo’s career catapulted in the film industry, a few fellow women were quick to point that I was trying to be like her. I had not seen her movie, barely knew about her at the time, and I had been rocking my natural locks before the lady rose to fame. Men positively correlated my cropped style to hers, stating that it seemed to have been a fashion trend of its own at the time.  I was not bothered by the reactions, I only wish to highlight that the difference in reaction was that one side saw that I was a wanna-be naturalista, yet all this while I had been deeply entrenched in the natural hair movement. 

Who inspired you to go natural?

My sister inspired me. She went natural and had a cropped hair. I truly admired her hair after she did the big-chop. With time, her hair manifested to dreadlocks and she still has them on as her preferred natural hairstyle. Wow, I am also amazed by Patricia Kihoro. I equally drew a lot of inspiration from her and the way she styles her hair. 

Kipato-Lheritier_Skincare_Afrologue_kenyaTell us about your hair and a fun fact that makes it special to you

I am a type 4A. I love my volume. My hair has a life of its own. Look at my edges, I have them all intact. I take great care of it and I couldn’t have my hair in anyway apart from how it looks right now. 

How do you take care of it in the day, and what is your night time routine?

I have a special trio of ingredients that I incorporate into my hair every single day: Coconut oil, Aloe Vera, and tea tree oil. Gosh I love tea-tree oil. In the morning, I spritz my hair with this concoction and in the evening after spritzing, I do bantu-knots. Whatever the case, I always ensure that I re-hydrate my hair twice a day. It is important to moisturize at night because weather elements such as the sun do affect the hair texture. 

Do you have a preferred style?

My tapered cut. I just press on the sides and get going. It really is my go to style. 

How do you incorporate fashion with your natural hair?

I love everything retro. Natural hairstyle is very versatile and easy to mingle with fashion. I at times do bantu-knots, or my signature side cut, it (natural hair) is so easy and reflects my personality. I am also in love with everything African. Whether clothing, jewelry, hair, music, I love them. So, I draw a lot of my creative inspiration from our culture and that is why I am able to design a small boutique fashion line alongside my jewelry line. 

Tell us the 3 things that work for you in terms of length retention

3 Oils! Castor has helped me a lot with hair growth, I also use shea-butter for moisture, and tea tree for many things including dandruff. I find castor oil to have a very special scent so I often put tea-tree right after which helps with enhancing the scent into beautiful levels. 

Murugi_Wangai_Lheritier_Skincare_Blog_AfrologueEducate: Share why natural hair and healthy living is good

Like every other girl, I have battled with acne. I was frustrated that dermatological interventions with westernized prescriptions never helped. I just decided to eat organic foods – I watch what I eat on a daily basis, and I’ve fully embraced my natural hair. I can tell you that my acne flare-ups have drastically gone down, my confidence is highly boosted, I feel very alive and energetic every day, and my self-esteem is on new heights. I also drink a lot of water, do detox, and all these make me feel amazing. If you love yourself, eat natural, and go natural.

Tell us why the future should watch out for you (what are your ambitions in life?)

Being a natural, I want to make a difference. I want to invest in fashion, jewelry and singing. I want to be successful and to be someone who people can look up to. I don’t want anything fake, I just want to portray to the world that you can go natural and love yourself. To the music, fashion, and jewelry industries, I’m coming! so watch out!



We are looking for inspirational women like Olive to share stories with us. You can be bald or have 40″ hair, as long as it is natural, and you have something good going on please contact us. We will be glad to feature you so send an email to:

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