AfroLogue With Cultural Writer, Lisa Kahuthu

We are grateful that yet in another month, a naturalista is sharing with us an empowering story on her natural hairy journey and self-acceptance as a strong, melanated, sun-goddess. As an organic skincare company, we are not only concerned about bringing the best organic  skincare products to you but are also keen on sharing inspirational stories on well-being. This is why we created this free blog; to serve as a watering-hole to quench your thirst for knowledge on well-being. Follow Lisa’s story below and continue to read other similar stories within our blog. Be sure to follow us on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter as we will have giveaways for our organic products and fragrances once we launch.

Share with us about you and how long have you been natural

I’m Lisa Wanjiku Kahuthu, I’ve been natural for about 2 and half years. Initially, I grew dreadlocs but chopped them off opting for an afro.

What do you do for a living and how has your natural hair impacted (positively/negatively) those around you

I’m currently in university studying International Relations, at the same time pursuing writing. Growing up my mum was very persistent in her refusal towards me relaxing my hair, but when I joined high school she finally gave in. I was obviously quite excited to have my kinky hair relaxed. That however only lasted while I was in school; once I cleared I started to grow out the relaxed hair and became a dreadsista. This sudden choice didn’t sit well with my dad who preferred simple hairstyles but there was no turning back for me. Mum loved dreadlocs so she had no problem, save for the fact that she teased me about getting bored with them. Generally, people liked my dreads; my friends said it suited my personality. So when I cut them off to grow my afro most of them were disappointed, mum was even upset (she had also dreaded her hair) so probably she felt a little betrayed.

Who inspired you to go natural?

No one in particular, I just really admired ladies I’d see with beautifully styled natural hair.

Tell us about your hair and a fun fact that makes it special to you

First, I do believe that a lady’s hair is her crown and that how she wears it often says a lot about her. My hair is one of the ways I get to express myself and play around; having it natural gives me the freedom to experiment.

IMG-20161212-WA0041How do you take care of it in the day, and what is your night time routine?

I have two main routines; if I want to have it kinky and full I will make bantu knots before I sleep then take them out and style in the morning or if I want a neater look I’ll wet and moisturize my hair then comb it out. I’m very big on hydrating because my hair is dry so before bed I spritz a little water and gently comb then in the mornings I repeat that as well as moisturize.

Do you have a preferred style?

Yes! I love my current cut, which is short on the sides forming an afro-mohawk.

How do you incorporate fashion with your natural hair?

On most days I enjoy getting dressed up and I consider my hair an accessory to my outfit; so I like wearing colorful scarfs and cute hats as well as tying turbans to add a little something to my look. Sometimes I keep my hair simple and let jewelry accentuate my outfit.

Tell us the 3 things that work for you in terms of length retention

Moisturizing, I keep my 4C hair manageable by using the loc method (water + coconut oil + hair cream). I co-wash (conditioner only wash) at least twice a month which leaves it clean and easy to comb and lastly minimal heat straightening.

Educate: Tell them why natural hair and healthy living is good

The biggest plus for me about natural hair is that it’s a confident boost. I feel good knowing that I can maintain my hair and keep it looking good without using harsh products or unhealthy styling practices. Living healthy is definitely the way to go, keeps your energy up and this helps in maintaining a positive attitude even when things are rough.

Tell us why the future should watch out for you 

As a young creative I aspire to be one of the notable female writers of this generation; specifically on themes of culture and identity which I’m passionate about. Also, I hope to be a voice of positive influence and inspiration to those around me as I continue to pursue my dreams.

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