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This segment in our blog is dedicated to inspirational women from all walks of life. As a skincare brand that is dedicated to bringing out natural products to Africa, we at Lheritier Skincare Limited,  wish to capture stories and weave them together to provide you with a go-to platform on hair, beauty, style, and business. Malcom X once asked  a question to Melanated Queens, this question still  echoes to date: Who taught you to hate yourself. Nothing is absolutely wrong with your amazingly beautiful African hair. Nothing is absolutely wrong with the tone of your skin (whether dark or light). You are the universe expressing itself as an awesomely endowed black queen. We will continue to provide a platform for discussion on all these great stuff that make you, YOU.

Meet Catherine Joy Agolla

November is Cate’s special month, her birthday falls within. Please shower her with best wishes on her Facebook or Twitter Page.


How long have you been natural

My name is Catherine Joy Agolla and I have been natural for 3 years now.

What do you do for a living and how has your natural hair impacted (positively/negatively) those around you?

I am a student at Africa Digital Media Institute taking a Diploma in Music Production, an Environmental Graduate from Africa Nazarene University and a Fashion Model. I am also a sales agent for a local company.

In the modelling world my natural hair is celebrated, deemed beautiful and makes me more marketable because most clients in the fashion industry usually go for a natural African look. My hair also allows me to be versatile in that I can easily change from one protective style to another or even have a wig on. I consider this an asset in my modelling career in that I can portray different looks and characters quite easily.

In daily life I have been quite fortunate to have the people around me appreciate my choice of staying natural. I have however had a few comments here and there about straight hair making me look prettier and more feminine. Usually I appreciate people’s comments but prioritize what I like first. I then again style my hair depending on upcoming events and occasions.

Cate-Agolla-Joy-Lheritier-Skincare-BlogWho inspired you to go natural?

Beyoncé’s sister Solange Knowles. Her hair is just super long, thick and amazing.


Tell us about your hair and a fun fact that makes it special to you

My hair is average length almost touching the shoulder when straightened. It’s very kinky type 4c, quite thick, black and has major shrinkage. Fun fact about my hair has to be the shrinkage, from almost shoulder length down to 2 inches. Before I went natural my hair was relaxed and I was not very good at taking care of it. My protective styling was usually too tight, I would expose it to harmful heating methods frequently, rarely oiled it properly but despite all that it managed to look thick and healthy (my hairline not so much though lol! Something had to give..) so I respect that my hair is quite strong and that is another thing that makes it special to me. I am now taking better care of it because it deserves that.

How do you take care of it in the day, and what is your night time routine?

I make sure to moisturize with some little water in a spray bottle then oil my scalp using Coconut oil and Dr. Miracle’s Intensive spot serum for my hairline where my hair is weakest. I don’t have a night time routine though I make sure to cover my hair with a satin sleeping cap.

Cate_Agola_AfrologueDo you have a preferred style?

Bantu knots are my all time favourite.

How do you incorporate fashion with your natural hair?

I tend to do chic and edgy looks when I have my natural hair out.

Tell us the 3 things that work for you in terms of length retention

Protective styling that isn’t too tight or damaging to the hair line, always keeping my hair moisturized and frequently oiling my scalp.

Educate: Share why natural hair and healthy living is good

Natural hair is awesome because you can style it yourself and it shows that you are comfortable and confident about
your natural African self. It’s good to lead a healthy life because your lifestyle determines your well-being.

Tell us why the future should watch out for you (what are your ambitions in life?)

My ultimate ambition in life is to serve my God and His people and even though I don’t have much now I’ll still give the little I have and the more I grow in my fields of interest the more I’ll give. I’m an upcoming Model, Musician, Music Producer and Mother Nature Soldier (#SaveNairobiNationalPark from #SGR) so kindly watch this space.

Thank you.

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