Benefits of Green Tea for Skin and Hair

Green tea is useful in many ways; it’s powerful for maintaining a healthy weight, effective as a dietary supplement, and nourishing—yielding soft hair and supple skin. Let’s explore the benefits of soaking in and rinsing with green tea!

Green tea fights signs of aging skin

Instead of spending a lot of money on those synthetic anti-aging products, purchase a box of organic green tea. Boil water in a pan and steep two green tea bags in the water (we call this “the brew”). For a relaxing bath/soak, add this brew to your warm bathtub. In a rush to get somewhere but still want the rejuvenating power of green tea at your service? Simply mix the brew with cold water and rinse your whole body. Green tea is rich with antioxidants that will renew your skin—thereby reversing and slowing the aging process.

Excellent skin toner and moisturizer
Do you want a glowing, even skin tone? Put green tea at your service. It penetrates deep into the skin, hydrating and preventing flaking due to dryness. After boiling water, steep a tea bag, add some lemon juice and let it cool down. Be careful not to use too much lemon juice. This recipe eliminates impurities, giving your skin a healthy, beautiful glow. Use this mix as an inexpensive toner and stay tuned for Lheritier Green Tea Toner—for a truly refreshing cleanse. Drop a comment below for a chance to win it!

Promotes hair growth
With its potent antioxidants, this super-tea stimulates the hair root, promoting growth. If you suffer from alopecia or other hair-related problems, use a hair product made with green tea to revitalize your roots and encourage longer locks.

Fights acne and seek protection from the sun
Green tea contains catechins (antioxidants) that are anti-bacterial in nature. Therefore, it is useful in combating acne. Moreover, it has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling and inflammation caused by acne. See our free facial toner recipe above to eradicate your pimples. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, green tea is effective in remedying and subduing the effects of sunburn and dryness—typical of long exposure to the sun’s harmful UV Rays.

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