Jasmine Essential Oil

The sweet-smelling Jasmine flower yields an essential oil with captivating and superior properties that can be used for many topical applications. The oil is utilized as an antiseptic, scar/spot fader, to improve skin health, and as a sedative.

Bruised after a short tumble? Jasmine essential oil is a fantastic antiseptic. It is effective as an antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral. When applied to small bruises that have been untreated, the oil can assist in protecting and healing the skin. Be careful not to use on large areas of open and wounded skin!

Acne scars and boil spots be gone! Try Jasmine essential oil to help fade scars and spots. Using a small dab, lightly rub the oil over scars and spots. With your patience and determination, they will fade away. In addition to fading scars and spots, Jasmine essential oil is effective at moisturizing dehydrated and dry skin. Apply a small amount to afflicted, dry, and brittle skin; relaxing relief is but a dab away.

In pain and tired of counting sheep? Craving the soothing relaxation of slumber? Jasmineessential oil is great for inducing restful sleep because of its anti-inflammatory properties.It relieves anxiety, reduces stress, and alleviates pain. Be sure to let this one of nature’s powerful essential oils to be at your service.

Did you know the Jasmine flower’s aroma has been used and is still used today to scent black tea (green and white tea too)? This aromatic combination results in the world-renowned flavorful, Jasmine tea!

Stay tuned for our Jasmine Soap made in our African women-owned factory, in Kenya.

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