Why Lemongrass is Good for You

Lemongrass is a grassy perennial native to the tropical and sub-tropical environments. But it has many uses apart from being an ordinary garden plant. It is also used in food, as a flavor and medicinal aid and also as an additive to perfumes and deodorants. Yes, this grass is as good as the other peace grass!

Good for the digestive tract

This treats digestive tract spasms, stomachache, helps relieve irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and aids in good digestion especially to those who suffer from constipation and it also relieves diarrhea. Boil the leaves to make a tea, add some natural brown sugar, and sip it up with steamed sweet potatoes or rather Japanese Yams. Seriously if you have lived in Kenya and never tried Lemongrass tea and sweet potatoes for breakfast then we hereby declare you persona non grata. 

Kills yeast infections.

According to research it has been discovered that lemongrass oil can kill the candida fungus caused by uncomfortable yeast infections like thrush and infections caused by the UTI (urinaryTract Infections). So use that lemongrass soap to freshen up the kitty-pus. We have a lemongrass soap at our website on Our Online Shop

Relieves pain.

The lemon grass oil can be applied on the skin when you experience headaches, stomachaches and abdominal pains. This will be absorbed by the skin of the affected area and it will help cure or relieve the pain. Take a warm towel with a few drops of the oil

Natural insect repellant

Just planting lemongrass in a pot in your house is enough to keep the mosquitoes away. If you do not like the strong smells of the insecticides on the shelves, you can prepare a mixture of lemon grass and water and spray them on the areas you do not want the insects to be. The strong smell of the lemongrass will chase away the insects.


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