Scratch to Reveal. Poem By Fernandesthepoet










Scratch to Reveal

By fernandesthepoet


Excuse me

We share the same skin

But can I touch yours?

Let me feel the indifference in you

Before I do, here is a coin

Please do scratch to reveal

True beauty is skin deep

Your beauty is skin dip


Paper thick and growing thicker

I cannot read into you

Your front cover…well…

Does not reflect your story

Why distort your identity?

Sura ya kwanza

Si sura ya mwisho

Change is inevitable


Now I want to be him

Tomorrow she wants to be her

I never want to be me

I never want to be natural

Or be seen that way, how unnatural

To mould yourself like clay

Playing with Gods creation



Your skin wraps your soul

A gift from heaven

Stretches you beyond your capability

Unfolding the face of time and growth

I don’t mind a pimple or two

Scars and a few black spots

Join the dots…

Beauty is far more complex than brushstrokes


Fernandesthepoet will be sharing his uplifting poems with us and we will post them regularly. 

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