Use Coconut Oil Daily For Better Health, Seriously

Improve Skin and Hair

A study carried out by The Journal of Cosmetic Science discovered that coconut oil was able to prevent damage to all different hair types.  The study also revealed that coconut oil is able to reduce the impact of protein loss in hair. In addition to being an anti-dandruff, coconut oil moisturizes hair as it is a linear triglyceride. As a natural anti-bacterial, when applied topically on the skin coconut oil can promote wound healing and also kills acne causing bacteria. For those who love to apply makeup as a personal beauty routine, coconut oil is an efficiently excellent face primer. It is also an excellent makeup remover as it doesn’t strip the skin of naturally produced oils; stripping can cause dryness on the skin. A study published by the Pharmacognosy Review concluded that coconut oil had second highest value of SPF and that it is able to block 20% of UV rays from the sun. Suggested use: Apply coconut oil regularly to your skin and hair as part of your daily personal care routine.

Cancer Prevention and Treatment

In a study published in the US National Library of Medicine, it was found that coconut oil among others was able to inhibit the growth of cancerous cells without affecting normal colon cells. This analysis was done by adding coconut oil to human colon adenocarcinoma cells. During the study, coconut oil actually inhibited the growth of HT-29 malignant human colon cells when compared to vegetable oil and mineral oil. Coconut oil also has ketones which act as a barrier against tumor growth; Tumor cells which require glucose to spread and live, cannot access energy in ketones.


Improve Digestion and Stop Heartburn

Coconut oil improves the efficiency of enzymes related to metabolism and this enables the body to breakdown and completely digest nutrients. Coconut oil is also known to kill and flush out predatory worms commonly found in the human digestive tract such as tapeworms. Add coconut to your daily cooking oil and for stopping heartburn and killing worms, take 1 teaspoon of virgin coconut oil 3 times daily and watch the magic happen.

Cure Candida/Yeast Infection

Many studies have determined that coconut oil is a richly potent non-drug yeast fighter. This is because main-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) are also anti-fungal in nature. Applying coconut oil to areas prone to yeast infection can drastically reduce the infection and continuous use of coconut oil in the said areas can prevent further recurrence.

Promote Weight-loss

The main-chain fatty acids (MCFA) found in virgin coconut oil are known to increase energy expenditures. This means that when consumed as part of dietary in-take, the body easily converts the fatty acids into energy -essentially increasing your metabolism. A study conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that subjects consuming MCFA oils daily had more fat loss resulting in lower body weight. When MCFAs are consumed, a hormone is released making you feel fuller, therefore coconut oil can also curb appetite, help with portion control, and promote healthy weight-loss.

Where To find:

  1. For skin and hair care, you can access the marvellous benefits of coconut through our skincare products at our website. We use virgin coconut oil in a wide array of our products which are targeted towards both men, women, and growing families. Stay tuned because we are soon launching.
  2. For daily use in food, buy Kentaste’s cold-pressed virgin coconut oil. We were not paid to praise them, our personal use of the product has gained us several dividends. Lheritier is a Kenyan brand and we honestly support locally-owned businesses that bring genuine organic/natural products into the local market. If in Kenya, you can buy Kentaste cold-pressed virgin coconut oil at any supermarket.



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