Want a bite of this little nut…

The candlenut tree is known by many names, including the Njugu Mawe in Kenya, Indian walnut tree, the varnish tree and candleberry tree. In Hawaiian, it is known as kukui tree—producing kukui nuts.

The tree is native to the Pacific Islands and is sometimes used in agroforestry to protect avocado trees, mango trees and others from inclement weather.

In addition to its effectiveness in agroforestry, the candlenut tree is essential for the production of candlenut oil, which is widely used in the cosmetics industry.  The tree produces the candlenut—a “little nut” with varied, powerful potential!

Let’s show you how to harness one of Mother Nature’s best resources!

  1. Itching to grow longer hair? Add this oil to your daily, hair care routine. Due to its unique protein and mineral content, candlenut oil can reduce, and even prevent, hair loss by strengthening the hair root. Apply a small amount to your scalp and experience the tingling sensation of newfound hair growth.
  1. Seduce your mate with the sweet scent of ripened candlenuts! In Tonga, even today, ripe candlenuts are pounded into a paste, tukilamulamu, and used as soap or shampoo. The oil generated from the paste is used in various sweet-smelling oils. Massage on your skin and revel in its new, refreshing suppleness and glow; you’ll be irresistible!
  1. Soften your chapped, cracked lips with a dab of candlenut oil. Use daily on your lips and they’ll be plump and kissable in no time.
  1. Banish itchy, dry skin for good! If you suffer from eczema, psoriasis, or general dry skin conditions, spread a small amount of candlenut oil daily for quick, effective relief!

Fun fact: Let’s take a tour into ancient, Hawaiian innovation!

 In ancient Hawaii, kukuis were burned to provide light. The nuts were strung in a row on a palm leaf midrib, lit on one end, and burned one by one every 15 minutes or so. This led to candlenut’s use in the measurement of time. Hawaiians also extracted candlenut oil and burned it in a stone oil lamp called a kukui hele po (light, darkness goes).

The more you know…


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