A Father’s Love, God’s Letter To You For Your Low Moments

“one thing you must know is that everyone gets talked about by everyone, don’t sweat that kinda stuff.” -Lheritier 1789

Here is a free video to help you shake up those psychological shackles. One thing you must know is to manage the threshold of the level of stress. If people talk bad about you, don’t sweat it, because everyone gets talked about by everyone. If your employment space is not working for you, look elsewhere or better yet, start your own kind of thing. Is family stressing you? well, always know that some family members do not deserve to be your friends while some do. Just trim the fat and build bonds with those who care about you. Is your past holding you back? guess what? your past will not let you go if you hold on to it. It is your past that molded you in to who you are today. So look at the positive aspects and let go of the toxic ones. Remember that it is good to forgive those who hurt you in the process of growing up, what they did to you was not right, but just let go. Also remember of the personal responsibility you have in causing others harm.


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